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Lucien Denier was born in 1984 and grew up in the Argovian town of Aarburg. He discovered a love for music and Hip Hop culture very early .. he started touring as a Dj, Lucien accompanied the group B-Boy Crew Disco Rockers. As the B-Boy scene became more and more popular and people got to know each other very well at the Jams, Lucien’s fascination with the Djs grew, especially those who could motivate the dancers to bring a peak performance. Lucien was so impressed by the skills of the former scene Djs Thaid and Woodo, two stars of the burgeoning scene, that he decided to set himself up with the necessary equipment in order to become a true artist of Djing, able to deliver the beats to his group of dancers. Kool Cut was moving around at this time as a musical support and crew Dj at many performances of the Disco-Rockers, which gave him the chance not only to prove himself but to discover his true passion. His love for black music set him on the classical path of a novice Dj. In youth clubs, bars as well as at private parties, his unique approach appealed to a wider audience than just his friends. Numerous opportunities for Lucien presented themselves, including his first self-produced Mixtape, and the budding Dj began to be noticed. The first big bookings followed and Dj Kool Cut took every chance he could to strut his stuff. The diversity of his sets as well as his gut-feeling for an audience placed him solidly in the midst of several house-hold names in the European Dj scene, including acting as a support act for the legendary Horace Brown (USA), Melody Thornton from the popular Pussycat Dolls (USA), the Swiss Tour Dj for RnB rising star Casely from Miami and as the after-party Dj for the Swiss top act Stress. His motivation and drive to release more Mixtapes to the public led to ever more Club events such as at the Fame in Zürich and the Loft in Lucerne. Lucien was soon established as an up-and-coming artist, appearing at parties in switzerlands favorite Clubs like Kaufleuten, Acqua and Sugar Lounge Zurich, Liquid Club Berne,Loft and Casineum Lucerne, Atlantis and Bar Rouge Basel and some inernational top locations. Through his love and respect for music and the accompanying culture Lucien has developed a unique, highly-appreciated pure style whose passion comes through clearly. These are qualities which are recognized by promotors and club owners, along with his talent and reliability, and have made his a much-appreciated act that they want to keep booking again and again. You will surely be hearing more about this talented artist - keep your eyes on this space!

Club references

Supperclub, Istanbul, Kaufleuten ZH, Sugar Lounge ZH, Acqua ZH, Escherwyss ZH, Säullenhalle ZH, Fame ZH, Face Club ZH, BBQ ZH, Club OH! ZH, Crystal Lounge ZH, Indigo ZH, Glamers ZH, Vertigo ZH, Loft LU, Casineum LU, Knascht LU, Adagio LU, Nautilus LU, Mad Wallstreet LU, C U Club LU, Perosa LU, Liquid BE, Wankdorf BE, Prestige BE, Amadeus BE, St. Trop Thun, Kraftstoff Thun, Lifting Club Biel, Castellino Biel, Atlantis BS, Assessina BS, Bar Rouge BS, Lounge & Callery ZG, Eleven SO, Terminus Olten, EL Harem Olten, La Roca Olten, Kettenbrücke Aarau, Kiff Aarau, Flösserplatz Aarau, Moonwalker Aarburg, Seven Club Oftringen, Don Paco Wohlen, Bungalow Safenwil, Magic Club NE, Arena Club Flims, Balmers Club Interlaken, Bernabar Adelboden, Bolgenschanze Davos, Cave Engelberg, Cinema Music Club Lenzerheide, Cube Savognin, El Rico Samnaun, Go-In Sörenberg, La Treglia Disentis, Los Bar Arosa, Mescalero Grindelwald, Pinte Andermatt, Popcorn Saas-Fee, Schneewittli Zermatt, Sherpa Club Meiringen, Spindle Engelberg, Split Clubbing Gstaad...

Labels / Specials

Popart, RnB Deluxe Resident-Dj,
KBA Aarau 2005 - 2007
Silverkey Ent., Silverish Resident-Dj,
El Harem Olten 2006 - 2007
Blackbeat, Pure Resident-Dj,
Loft LU 2007 - 2008
2Nite, Sexy and Kiss Resident-Dj,
div. Locatins ZH, BS 2006 - 2011
Sivents, Resident-Dj,
div. Parties, div. Locations LU, ZH 2009 - 2011
Royal-Ent, Resident-DJ,
div. Parties, div. Locations BE 2008 - 2011
Bizarre/Popcorn Heat, Resident-DJ,
Boarderparty, div. Locations 2009 - now

Official Tour-Dj of CASELY (USA) Clubtour Switzerland
Official Aftershowparty of STRESS (CH)
Support-Dj of HORACE BROWN (USA)
Support-Dj of REDMAN (USA)
Support-Dj of Melody Thornton (PUSSYCAT DOLLS - USA)
Support-Dj of Mc Stojan (Serbian Shootingstar)

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